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Are you looking for fresh ways to boost creativity and keep up the team spirit at work? Now seems like a fitting time to keep the morale up. Most of you reading this now have already experienced some kind of team-building workshop. And some of you might have already had the opportunity to participate in an artistic team building workshop.

Talent at work often lies in the shadows as employees go about their job responsibilities, many of them are singers, athletes, hobbyists, and artists.

The attributes of an employee profile unfortunately never stem further than what they have been hired to do. Performance, results and KPI’s seem to dominate the workplace, often in stressful and competitive internal environments.

Keeping a healthy and proactive business culture should now more than ever be a priority for business owners, company managers, and employees.

We are fortunate that we live in a time where technology and software allow us the possibilities to be connected no matter where we are.

Is it time that companies found new ways to embrace their company culture and adopt creativity as part of their internal social fabric?

What is a team-building art workshop?

A team build building art workshop combines all the attributes of traditional team-building events in a dynamic, creative format.

It provides an informal platform for businesses to interact in groups or individually with the focus being on producing arts and crafts with only creative intent as a guideline.

Participants are given the opportunity to push their ideas, inspirations, and skills in a fun relaxing environment. Raising awareness of the benefits of thinking outside the box.

How can a team-building art workshop

Help the integration of art into your business?

Creating art has very few boundaries, limitations or expectations. There is so much freedom in art.

That’s what makes it so appealing.

Here is a list of options to consider. When preparing your next team building workshop.

Art workshops are accessible and suitable for all ages and don’t require prolonged physical exertion.

  • They send a positive message to employees about individuality, diversity, empowerment, and self-confidence.
  • You can focus on a large variety of subjects that link to your business activities.
  • Art workshops offer possibilities to reach out to your wider community with public art programs.
  • Share your core values and reinforce your presence locally by sponsoring a painting project.
  • Use art workshops to embellish your own working environment.
  • Paint some murals around your offices or buildings that reflect the company spirit.
  • Invite your clients to participate and reinforce your relationships by sharing a common experience.
  • Turn a boring white wall into an explosion of life.

Create an internal recognition system for employees that excel in a particular creative activity.

Letting your employees tap into their creative senses will boost them to think differently in their daily responsibilities.

Customize your workshop

To suit your companies context and needs.

  • Creating art is a versatile activity that can be either personal and individual as well as social, and interactive.

Sharing art experiences with employees or business partners will increase creativity. Bring people together and stimulate new ways of thinking.

Here are a few key pointers to help you choose

The right creative solution and make your team-building art workshop successful.

  • Do you prefer to host the workshop at your place of business or in a neutral location?
  • Does your workplace have sufficient space to host a creative workshop?
  • Can you identify particular areas in your workplace that could benefit from some inspiration and creativity? Such as boardrooms, bathrooms, Staffrooms, and reception areas.
  • Is your building starting to look run down? Perhaps a mural workshop will best fit your company. For example, changing simple color themes in your office will make a big difference in employee workplace satisfaction.
  • How many employees will participate in a workshop?

What will be the impact of each employee creating something individually. Vs a large group creating a single unique work?

  • Do your employees work more often individually or in clusters?
  • Is your business highly competitive, moderately competitive or lacking any competitive edge?
  • Does your company simply need a break from the routine?

Is your business activity reliant on being very creative, moderately creative. Or not being creative at all?

Art Studio David Lagesse

If you want to have a really good time during a workshop as well as leave a lasting impression on your employees it is important to put a plan into place with some preparation.

40ft Container with artwork murals painted during a company art team building art workshop.

Creative workshops are mobile and versatile.

Set up a team-building workshop anywhere in the world.

A typical workshop should be well structured, focus driven as well as informal, spontaneous and engaging for employees.

  • If your team building requirement is project-based than workshops can last for several days or until the project is completed.
  • Why not plan a team-building workshop around your next business trip?

Something to consider for informal networking and connecting with new customers

Drawing workshop to learn the fundamentals of art and decorative murals

How long should a team-building art workshop last?

1/2 day

  • Feeling pressed for time? Then 1/2 day workshops are good for smaller groups of up to 12 people working in groups. Ideal for quick fun expressive mornings intended to create an impact.


  • Workshops are better suited to medium groups of up to 30 people.


  • Do you have extra time to focus on your company? Then a 2-day workshop is perfect for extended projects.
  • Typically wall murals and sculptures work well in a 2’day format. They both require a basic explanation before starting.
  • Ideal for medium to large groups of up to 50 people.
  • You can opt to split your employees so that the groups are smaller each day.

3 to 5-day

  • Art-related workshops are ideal for large companies with over 50 employees who are looking to achieve big company culture changes. Use this medium to effect big results if and where they are needed.
  • Planning large events around your productivity at work makes it easier when you are able to spread the workshop over several days.
  • Giving everyone a chance to participate instead of cramming everyone into the same day.

The duration of a workshop and the quantity of people participating is entirely based on how many employees you have and what the purpose of the workshop is.

  • The examples that I have cited are just ideas to help you decide whether this kind of workshop can work for your business or not.

You may decide to have a 5-day workshop for a small group and that is fine too. Or stick to a shorter workshop with a larger group.

Employees painting a wall during a group creative team focus workshop

What happens to all the art at the end of a

Team-building art workshop?

Whether it is on a wall, a canvas or in the garden. Your place of business will have a completely new look and impression by the end of the workshop.

  • paintings can be displayed in key areas of your office or building.
  • You may choose to regularly update a mural wall for different occasions rather than keep one permanent.
  • Sculptures can be installed either indoor or outdoor. Place a sculpture where people regularly meet. This could be next to a coffee corner or lunch bench.
  • Make something special out of this event and auction the art during a fundraising day for a good cause.
  • Donate the artwork to employees and their families.

Create a competition for the next art workshop at your company. Do a lucky draw at the end, and give away the winning artwork to a department in your business.

Or simply do nothing with them and move onto something else.

Team building painting workshop

Why is it important to

Introduce art into the workplace?

It is surprising how many people enjoy creating art however rarely set aside time to make art or appreciate art.

  • Initiating more visually interesting content around the workplace. Will make your company look and feel more authentic and personalized.
  • Encouraging employees to experiment more with visual content for reports, publications, meetings, schedules, and presentations instead of using traditional business resources.

Your business will send off a positive message of a focused. More direct and intentional approach of communicating not only internally but with your clients, partners or board members as well.

Everyone has made at least one drawing or painting at some point in their lives.

As a minimum, some lessons at school. This makes it very easy to engage everyone in the activity when compared to something like rock climbing or quad biking.

  • If team-building art workshops instantly resonate with thoughts of fun, relaxing, creative, different, unique experiences. Then you are most likely ready to give it a try.

Making it the perfect workshop to bring employees and teams together in a common focus.

Why not consider one of these?

Team-building art workshops from the list.

  • Do you need to be more visual in your business? Then try learning techniques on how to use more visual content in your daily business activities.
  • Is your company structure in a mess? Then maybe you need to discover new ways of creating workflow maps and strategy diagrams with visually engaging content that will increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Do a group mural on a significant wall to showcase your company identity in a unique way. Much more interactive than individual paintings.

Feeling like your company is in a slump? Maybe you need a confidence booster workshop that focuses on self-esteem.

Identify people who have great potential but just need a little help with communication and people skills to thrive in their department.

  • Keep the suspense until the end to keep people engaged. Try doing a puzzle wall that reveals itself as the participants add each completed section together.
  • Does your teamwork in the creative industry? If so, then learning the importance of basic shapes and perspective for technical drawings might be the way to go.
  • If you have recently achieved a milestone? Then consider creating a masterpiece celebrating a particular achievement or anniversary. Make your employees feel connected and concerned about their achievements.
  • Painting & Decorating tips you can use at work and at home. This is a great way of introducing practical skills that employees can use anywhere.
  • If your business relies on sustainability. Then Try to Focus your workshop around social, environmental and cultural topics.
  • If your work is based outdoors, Then why not build a sculpture from recycled materials.
  • If you are feeling experimental? Then why not try a graffiti wall mural.

Have your employees describe in their own way. How they view the core values and mission of the company.

To wrap this up

The majority of us are spending more time at work than anywhere else aside from potentially our homes.

The next time you go to work. Ask yourself this question! What would I change visually to make my work environment more enjoyable? More efficient, proactive and unique?

Then do a survey with your team, staff members, employees or collaborators. Look for the recurring answers and create your own unique business creative culture.

If you are working remotely, then you can use social media to interact with your clients. Bring your business community together by creating and sharing artistic experiences.

Go on give it a try.

David Lagesse

David Lagesse artist and art teacher

Here are a few links to some other workshops that relate more to the fundamentals of art for beginners.

Maybe they will give you some more ideas for your next team building workshops.

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