Illustrated Book: The Curse of Engan ebook

Set in Mauritius 8 million years ago. Discover the mountains of Mauritius and its volcanic origins, including Saya de Malha. Think about leadership, excellence, and community. Immagine the legends tied to the island and its majestic nature.

Could dragons have lived here before?

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A Note from the author: Nawsheen Golam Hossen

I grew up and live in Mauritius.  I am fond of writing and visual arts. Illustrated stories represent for me the opportunity to reach out to the young and the old. They appeal to a wide range of educational levels and in some cases, they are selected as learning tools.

I love the scenic landscape of Mauritius island. Which for me awaits legends to keep the iconic parts of our natural heritage alive.  Mauritius has a unique geographical landscape, and in The Curse of Engan, we go to the source. The island as it was at the beginning of its creation.

My aim as an aspiring author is to write short stories. Tying together iconic natural settings of the island of Mauritius to fictional narratives relatable to our contemporary society.

Stories which may simply exist to entertain, or may seek to show that some struggles, like some fulfillment, are timeless. While we cannot necessarily arrive at a solution. We can become aware of it. By doing so we are able to connect to the fellow people around us and to function with empathy.

The Curse of Engan is one of those stories.

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Recognized by the President’s fund for creative writing. Nawsheen received a funding grant for new authors to facilitate the publishing of stories under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture. The Curse of Engan was recently selected to be published in a paperback version.


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