Scale your art hobby into a business.

David Lagesse

Looking to scale your art hobby into a business? Maybe its time for you to find the right tools that will help you grow your activity. In return, you will generate a more stable revenue line.

If you are currently working a full-time job and trying to make art as a side hustle, you are probably not leaving yourself enough time and space to produce and develop your art.

10 quick tips to scale your art hobby into a business

Not all of these tips can be dealt with at the same time, so it is best to settle on a realistic time frame for you to get everything ready.

You will find that during this process, opportunities, networking, and self-confidence will start to take effect. Leaving you with more motivation to stick to the plan ahead.

  1. Invest 4 to 6 months into your hobby expansion project. This will give you sufficient time to ease into a full-time commitment.
  2. Prepare a portfolio of your work with your personal credentials.
  3. Put together an application package to reach out to galleries & businesses.
  4. Connect with industries and professionals to market your art.
  5. Put together a small marketing campaign to promote your services. Try different media solutions to see what works best for you.
  6. Have your work trademarked and/or published in the press. Formalizing your art with Copyright and publishing protection lets people know that you respect your work and value your personal identity as an artist.
  7. Do a competitive analysis report. By this, I mean. “figure out where you fit in the market.” Resolving this will help choose the best direction to take your business growth opportunities.
  8. Prepare a standardized format for your pricing.
  9. Knowing your target audience will make it easier to find opportunities
  10. Register your company. It’s a sure way of stepping out of the hobby world and into the business world. Creating a business makes it easier to scale your services. If you are hoping to commercialize your work by reaching out to other businesses then having a registered business will make procedures far easier. Remember that you are at the mercy of their support to develop, so it is better to try and comply with the basic standards of business trading.

To wrap this up.

You don’t need to do all this alone. Get support from your family and friends so that you can share your progress and ideas.

Stick to the plan. Too often people start with good intentions and then for various reasons they either lose faith in themselves or lose patience. Patience and perseverance is the key. If you take your business seriously, then people will also take you seriously. You will find that you can scale your art hobby into a business faster than you thought.

David Lagesse

Scale your art into a business. David Lagesse painting