How to make better art in 3 easy steps

How to make better art

Create art with a unique approach. Here is what you should know when it comes to making better art.

1. Add skills to your toolbox as often as possible. 

No matter how confident you are with a certain medium or technique remember that there is always room for improvement. Make time for your Research and investigation to avoid getting too comfortable with a particular style. You never know when you might want change and it is helpful to have a few options to diversify your style without disrupting your overall research subject.

2. Follow some guidelines for composition

A well-executed composition can sometimes make up for any weaknesses in your technique or even the choice of your subject. There is no amount of technical skill that will fix a poorly composed drawing or painting. If you want to make better art, there are several basic guidelines that you can use.

1. Chose a focal element

The focal element of your awork is the subject that you want your viewer to focus on the most. Use supporting elements to reinforce the direction of the desired focal area. This will frame your main subject and make your composition look much better.

2. Organize how the elements will fit on the page

Organizing the various elements of your artwork will give a better structure to your composition. There are many guidelines you can follow but I recommend trying a few variations to be sure that you are setting up your work correctly. Composition guidelines are not a one size fits all solution. Knowing how and when to break the rules is just as important because ultimately making better art starts with great ideas.

3. Make sure your design elements are well balanced

The design elements of your artwork are basically made up of your subject or focal element and possibly some supporting elements. To put additional emphasis on particular are you can use techniques like:

Contrast | Size variation | Color pairing | overlapping | scale

to help you create a balanced image. These techniques are used to trigger visual senses that direct the viewer to explore the art in a way that flows consistently with the subject. Your art will instantly change for the better when you are able to understand and manipulate elements in a convincing manner.

3. Remind yourself to be unique.

The 3rd tip is to remind yourself to remain as unique as possible. This is by far the most important element to focus on when it comes to making better art. Relying on a predetermined composition from a photograph or sketch even a reference from a book will not help you improve your decision making for great composition. Being a unique artists is about knowing and controlling the process of your work so that you are making informed decisions each step of the way. Applying these tools will help your viewers experience your art the way you intend them to.

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