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I am an art enthusiast interested in exploring the multiple facets of the art industry. Learning how to navigate through it as a practitioner, facilitator, and educator.

With time my art practice has morphed by default into a documented continuation of an ongoing artistic apprenticeship.

I am a visual artist working primarily with traditional and digital drawing mediums.

My interests are in gesture drawing, anatomy, perspective, motion, and scale. I use these studies in my work to explore imaginary environments and storytelling.

When I think about the idea of art I am drawn in by the possibilities that it offers me to be in constant experimental mode.

If my art could send a message, it would be that anyone can use art as a catalyst to boost confidence, feel inspired, and be creative.

The tutorials and articles that I post stem from mainly my personal encounters with the challenges and triumphs of being a fulltime artist.

Writing these blogs helps me to stay engaged with my own process and artistic journey.

So I hope that they can help to inspire you too.

Let’s stay in touch!

David Lagesse