Drawing animation |UNEDITED

Drawing animation | New Beginnings Exhibition Salon De Mai 2022

39th SALON DE MAI 2022
Name: David Lagesse
Title of Work: UNEDITED (New Beginnings)
Medium/Technique: Mixed Media. Pencil animated drawings.
Dimensions : 1m 60cm x 1m20cm

Drawing animation

Concept Description:
Unedited (New Beginnings) is a short animated story about a young boy and a chicken who are both fated to meet in a dramatic clash of events. An analogy that illustrates the importance of following one’s ambitions despite the potential hazards or obstacles that may lie ahead.

I have chosen to narrate this story in a continuous series of frame-by-frame drawings to reinforce the notion of unpredictability that we have to determine the outcome of our decision-making. Each new frame is a new potential outcome of the evolving story.
As individuals, our past present, and future are intricately linked to our surroundings. This in a sense creates an endless loop cycle of potential unedited new beginnings.

For more information about this exhibition and institution, you can contact: https://www.mgirti.ac.mu/

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