Do you want to grow your art business?

David Lagesse

Below are a few links with more information on how you can improve your art, grow your business and create a steady revenue stream through your passion.

If you are starting a new project, or in the process of expanding your activities it is important to consider structuring yourself in a manner that will make it easy for your clients to collaborate with you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself :

  • Do you have a clear vision of what your art represents?
  • Have you thought of your artist statement and are you able to write between 150 and 300 words about your art practice?
  • Is there a particular niche market that you have already identified to increase your chances of selling your work on a regular basis?
  • Are you aware of the average sale price of artwork in your area? Don’t guess about your pricing.
  • Does your niche market have room for 1 more artist? Know your industry and where your work fits in.
  • Have you registered yourself as a company or Brand?
  • Do you know how much framing costs? and have you included this in your costing?
  • Is there an action plan already in place for you to take small steps towards your goals?
How to find the right audience for your art? 

Just like in every industry, it is important for you to find your market and where your work fits the best in order to generate revenue from your art. If you need some advice on how to start your process of finding your market, then send me an email with your personalized request.

How to make better art in 3 easy steps

Too often overlooked by most of us, artists tend to focus more on the details rather than getting the big picture right from the start. The result of this is creating an abundance of art that relates to the same subject matter and often with similar techniques. Breaking away from the traditional applications will automatically release a feeling of freshness and originality in your work. Generally resulting in unique experiences by your viewers. Keep this in mind the next time you are stuck for ideas. Try painting or drawing from your imagination.

How should you be pricing your art if I want to grow my business?

If you haven’t already clicked this link, then I suggest you do so now. Understanding the basics of how and why you are pricing your art will go a long way when it comes to finding your market and long term audience. It is no point rushing towards high prices until you have established a clientele that will follow you throughout your career as an artist. Pricing high may have a psychological effect on the buyer if that person sees something special in the painting. Avoid the risk of burning your candle too soon by doing some research before setting your prices. A long term following is more sustainable than gambling on a few overpriced paintings.

Try not to get overwhelmed and if you stick to your plan and let time take its course, you will find that things eventually work out for the better. Best of luck to you.