Art classes for adults in Mauritius

Artlab provides Art classes for adults that are designed to be informative yet casual enough to suit a complete beginner in art.

Drawing from observation in the studio of Artlab Mauritius during Art classes for adults in Mauritius

The lessons are adapted to cater for individual learning whilst still in a group environment.

This program is essentially made up of 12 weekly tutorials and exercises which makes up a total of 30hrs training. During a continuous fixed period of 3 months, you will cover a wide variety of artistic methods, applications, and styles. The program is split into two 6 week blocks. The 1st focusing on drawing with volume and the 2nd on painting with color.

Here is a break down of the program.

Week 1 and 2

Introduction to the fundamentals of drawing.

  1. The Line
  2. Basic shapes and forms
  3. Perspective
  4. Volume
  5. Shading
  6. Composition

Week 3

Observation drawing from still life

Week 4

Introduction to anatomy. Portrait and the body

Week 5

Observation drawing from life (model)

Week 6

Drawing from the imagination.

Week 7

Colour theory and methods of color application

Week 8

Composition and design

Week 9

Painting from reference

Week 10

Painting from still life installation

Week 11

Painting from the imagination

Week 12

Revisit past work and select one piece to either rework, finish or duplicate in a different medium.

Working independently in a open learning context allows anyone to progress at an individual pace. Each week you can experiment with new ways of making art. This will help you find your own unique style.

No matter what medium or format you are using, the fundamental rules of design and composition remain the same. Understanding and practicing these guidelines will help you progres instantly.

The great thing about open learning is that you are free to decide what subject matter you want to use during the workshop. This workshop will give you observational drawing skills and techniques to help you see things in a new way. The more you learn about art the more you can enjoy your self and appreciate the art of others.

Thinking in a contemporary way will allow you to investigate traditional methods while adapting them to today’s visual context.

Person painting a wave in the studio of Artlab Mauritius during Art classes for adults in Mauritius

Workshops also offer the possibility of experimenting with abstract ideas and techniques. The morning classes at Artlab are a great way for you to discover new ways of painting or mark-making. You don’t have to commit to any long term contracts.

3 months is the average recommended time to spend in the foundation program.

This time frame will allow you to grasp the basics. Without the pressure of committing to a long drawn experience. Your team will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of mediums, sizes, and techniques. You will have access to a library of books about Art history, covering a wide range of artistic practices, styles, and techniques.

Examples of paintings in the studio of Artlab Mauritius during Art classes for adults in Mauritius

If you are thinking of clearing your calendar for Wednesday morning then send me an email with your details and a small description of why you want to join an art class.

Week 1 starts on the 15th of January. 8 Places available.

+230 57499442