50 random things to draw from home

50 random things to draw from home

Self-distancing and confinement can be a real drag if you are constantly looking for things to do. There is only so much cleaning, cooking, play station, Netflix and moping around the house that one can sustain without going insane. Why not pick up a pencil and draw something. Stuck for ideas! Here are 50 random things to draw from home today.


Drawing and sketching is an ideal activity for people of all ages. You don’t need any fancy materials, just a simple pencil or pen, and some paper will suffice to get you on the right track to learning how to draw.

When you actively engage in the process of drawing, your senses become awake to everything that surrounds you. Drawing is practical for eye-hand coordination, precision, creativity, relaxation and confidence skill-building.

If you would like to refresh your drawing skills, then you can also try my 36-hour drawing tutorial, where I go over all the fundamentals of drawing to get you back on track.

Why not try using a few ideas from this post to start your drawing journey today. Everything can be drawn if you simplify what you see into basic shapes.

Link: learn how to draw anything in 36 hours

Let’s get started.

Here are my 50 random things to draw from home.

How to draw an easel David Lagesse


How to draw glasses David Lagesse


How to draw keys at home David Lagesse


How to draw a random battery at home David Lagesse


How to draw a random spoon at home David Lagesse


How to draw a broom at home David Lagesse


How to draw a phone David Lagesse

Mobile Phone

How to draw a coffee mug David Lagesse


How to draw a play station control David Lagesse

PS controller

How to draw a tooth brush at home David Lagesse

Tooth brush

How to draw a kettle at home David Lagesse


How to draw a tea Pot at home David Lagesse

Tea Pot

How to draw a tea bag David Lagesse

Tea Bag

How to draw a sharpener David Lagesse


How to draw a Lego man

Lego man

How to draw a pillow at home David Lagesse


How to draw random stack of books at home David Lagesse


How to draw an open book at home David Lagesse


How to draw a stationary jar at home David Lagesse


How to draw a random cheese grater at home David Lagesse


How to draw a kitchen paper towel holder David Lagesse


How to draw toilet roll at homeDavid Lagesse

Toilet roll

How to draw a random stapler at home David Lagesse


How to draw hand sanitizer covid 19 David Lagesse


How to draw a pineapple at home David Lagesse


How to draw to draw carrots at home David Lagesse


How to draw an egg plant David Lagesse


How to draw a toaster at home David Lagesse


How to draw a toilet at home David Lagesse


How to draw a stool David Lagesse


How to draw a hair brush David Lagesse

Hair brush

How to draw a comb David Lagesse



How to draw a chair at home David Lagesse


How to draw a desk lamp David Lagesse

Desk Lamp

How to draw a loaf of bread David Lagesse


How to draw a pot plant David Lagesse

Flower pot

How to draw a random tissue box at home David Lagesse

Tissue box

How to draw a torch David Lagesse


How to draw a toilet plunger David Lagesse


How to draw a rubbish bin David Lagesse


How to draw a door handle at home David Lagesse

Door knob

How to draw a shoe David Lagesse


How to draw a pair of things David Lagesse


How to draw a random rolling pin at home David Lagesse

Rolling pin

How to draw a mop and bucket at home David Lagesse

Mop & bucket

How to draw a frying pan David Lagesse

Frying pan

How to draw a guitar David Lagesse


How to draw a broccoli David Lagesse


How to draw nail clippers David Lagesse

Nail clippers

Bonus Feature

Why not try and draw your car, motorbike, bicycle, skateboard, surfboard, sewing machine, schoolbag, a tennis racket. All these items can be found in your house.

There are hundreds of items that we collect and use in our daily activities at home. You can draw plants, trees, doors, rocks, even your dirty old socks.

I will leave you with this thought and hope that you find the inspiration to have a go for yourself.

How to draw a 4x4 truck David Lagesse

It’s your turn now!

Drop me a comment below and tell me what else you would like to learn how to draw.

If you are an emerging artist and looking for inspiration to launch your art career. You might also want to have a read through my post about artists and entrepreneurship.

Link Turn your art into a business

Until next time.

Art enthusiast David Lagesse.

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